BringYour was started to give people more control and visibility into their network and data. We're inspired by the CAT6 cable that connects the world's homes and data centers. Its elegant simplicity packs massive value (fast, secure, unbreakable) in a form that everyone can use - a click in of RJ45. You'll see the homage to a CAT6 cross-section in our logo.

Today we see a need for tools as simple as CAT6 for private networks that overlay the global public networks. Private networks are becoming increasingly relevant for everyday people to protect and assert their freedoms. While there are many options out there, none are as simple for the everyday user as a cable. We believe in a world where a cryptographically correct private network can be created and managed by anyone from an app, without the need (and maintenance overhead) of terminals, computers, routers, SSO, or additional dependencies.
cat6 cable cross section, secure, private, simple
We are driven by a set of core values. We think these values align with creating a better and more sustainable world.
bullet Make use of existing equipment and environments to the fullest, rather than invent or require new equipment or environments.
bullet Be broadly adoptable, especially by people with less technical knowledge.
bullet Create real value for users.
bullet Promote freedom, privacy, and anonymity.
bullet Trend towards scale. Do more of fewer things rather than more things.
bullet Trend towards minimal. Remove redundancy and unnecessary aspects.
bullet Love of the product should be intrinsic and authentic. When we no longer love the product or think the product is benefitting users we will know when to stop.