Fast and secure internet wherever you want to be, with ultimate control of your data
BringYour runs on every device that supports iCloud Private Relay™ or VPN by Google ONE™, and adds new security, privacy, and data control features.
Private, anonymous, global internet access. Tap into the world with peer plus multi-hop routing. private, anonymous, global internet access
collaborate Collaborate. Connect between your devices, physical addresses, friends and family.
own your data Own your data. See where your data goes and control your digital footprint.
Designed to minimize latency using peer-to-peer connections and global edges. A novel latency map technique allows linear path multi-hop routing for data anonymity that is nearly identical in performance to single-hop.
Your network is your own globally unique IPv6 subnet with an unlimited number of devices. Connecting to other networks and services is as easy as sharing a link.
See the invisble
Asking questions about your network, data privacy and digital footprint is hard until you can see it. All your data is brought to the foreground, with a control panel to turn off aspects you don't like.
Web standards
Built using the protocols that power the web. End-to-end encryption always. We believe in a developer vision where VPN can be embedded everywhere.
Open core
An open source Go library that implements the core functionality. An open API to coordinate the clients. We're following a business plan and technology outlined in our whitepaper.
Built for you
We believe in private networks for everyone. What do you want from your network? We want to hear from you. Please submit product feedback on our feedback page. Join us in our Discord community.
No leaks
Our terms of service and privacy policy are easy to understand. We don't keep logs and we don't sell your data.
use cases global latency testTest your latency
Visit to test your latency against the global latency map.